Neuromuscular Therapy Certification

Neuromuscular Therapy is a medical based massage modality.  NMT can be defined as a set of soft tissue manipulation protocols used to achieve homeostasis between the musculoskelatel and nervous system.  It is a scientific therapy based on physiological laws and related principles.

Students will learn assessment techniques based on observation and palpation of posture, range of motion and other orthopedic based tests.  Students will apply NMT protocols and other techniques based on their findings and client goals. 

The Neuromuscular Therapy Certification course is broken down into eight sections.  The sections are sequential and a student must successfully pass one section before advancing to the next.  This class will meet for 6 hours one day a week or 4 hours two nights a week, based on class need.  The entire course lasts approximately 9 months.  

NMT certification is a Texas state approved CE course.

  •     Students must be Registered/Licensed Massage Therapists.
  •     Students must have a minimum of one year of licensed Practice as a Massage Therapist.
  •     Students must have a comprehensive understanding of the english language.  ESL students must have a demonstrated proficiency.  Please note that the course includes advanced terminology about Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Conditions, and Massage Techniques.  This language is challenging for English native students. ESL students will have additional difficulties  in approaching the material.

Course Breakdown:
Section 1:    Introduction, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, Palpation, and Posture
Section 2:    NMT for low back, sacrum and pelvic pain syndromes
Section 3:    NMT for hip and knee pain syndromes
Section 4:    NMT for low leg and foot pain syndromes, gait for massage theapists
Section 5:    NMT for spine, abdomen, and musles of respiration
Section 6:    NMT and myofascial pain syndromes for head, neck, and sacrum
Section 7:    NMT and myofascial pain syndromes for the shoulder girdle, arm, and hand
Section 8:    NMT for whiplash injuries, anterior neck, and TMJ dysfunction

Fees and Supplies:
The NMT Certification program uses four main texts.
    Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Technique, Volumes 1 & 2:  By Leon Chaitow and Judith  DeLainy
    Trail Guide to the Body:  By Andrew Biel
    Trail Guide to  the Body Student Handbook:  By Andrew Biel
A set of T-bars:  1 bevel tip and 1 large flat  (see image above)
Standard  massage supplies:  Sheets, Blanket, Towels, Bolster, Pillow, Cream or Lotion.  No Oil.
Binder for handouts (2" recommended).
$10.00 copy fee per module.

Total cost of the 276 hour program is  $2,900.00 plus books and supplies.
A $100 deposit is required to reserve your place in the course and should be submitted as soon as possible.  The deposit is fully refundable up until the due date for the first course section payment.  First section payment is due January 23, 2012.  After that date the deposit will either be applied to the first course section payment or forfeited if the student cancels. Costs for the course can be payed by section and are due at the beginning of each section.  A 10% discount will be given for paying the entire course fee up front.  The class begins February 6, 2012.
Cash, Personal Check, and Credit Cards accepted

If you would like to register or are interested in the next course sequence please contact me at 214-437-7415 or